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Now accepting new teen and adult clients for counseling and psychotherapy. Contact to schedule a free consultation.

Each person holds an innate wisdom and harmony within them. You know what you want and who you are - and the process of healing is a process of discovering and metabolizing that which gets in the way of your whole, healed balanced self.

My healing philosophy is that we each have what it takes to thrive - sometimes we just need a little support.

Alisa Popova LMHCA, LMT, RYT


Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Choose your path to healing.

Please note, my psychotherapy & counseling practice is separate from my massage therapy and Reiki practice.

Yellow Couch

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Compassionate therapy

for teens and adults

Healing Stones

Massage Therapy & Reiki

Intuitive, effective bodywork and energy work

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