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Do you want to feel empowered to

  • reconnect to your body and a felt sense of safeness,

  • deeply know and trust yourself,

  • skillfully navigate an overwhelming world in a state of grounded peace,

  • heal your trauma and dis-ease,

  • accomplish big dreams without sacrificing yourself in the process?

Mental Health Counseling for Adults and Teens


☼ My therapeutic approach begins within relational theory and a deep belief in the importance of a safe therapeutic relationship within which healing can occur

Rooted in compassion, curiosity, and cultural awareness, I tailor therapy to each individual client, using a combination of somatic, narrative, and expressive arts therapies, as well as mindfulness based cognitive therapy.  

☼ Our bodies and minds hold untold stories. Through a mindful combination of talking, movement, and creative expression, we can metabolize trauma, emotions, and challenging experiences.

☼ This may look like processing past experiences and upbringing, learning and practicing coping tools for dealing with present day struggles, processing emotions and internal narratives, learning to attune to our bodies, expression through creative means beyond speech, such as movement or drawing.

☼ This process is collaborative. Not all of the above elements are always present - we use what works for us.

☼ I welcome all layers of my clients’ identities, including intergenerational and ancestral traumas, spirituality, and mystical experiences. 

☼ Ultimately, I emphasize self-empowerment and deep self-knowledge, with the aim to increase balance, harmony, and resilience.

☼ Together we will create a plan for our work together, and will check in on a regular basis about how it's going.


I work with teens 13+, and adults of all backgrounds, specializing in trauma, anxiety, overwhelm, grief, communication and self-expression. I have experience counseling deep inner conflicts relating to identity, including self-esteem, self-doubt, and self-image. I enjoy working with individuals from all walks of life, and am uniquely suited to support artists and neurodivergent creatives, as well as athletes and dancers, especially those struggling with body-image issues and high pressures relating to performance.


$95 - $135

I currently offer psychotherapy as part of a collective of therapists called Whole Therapies Collective, where we strive to make health accessible to the best of our ability.

The price tiers available for you to choose from are explained here:

Please note: If the above options still pose a barrier to you in getting therapy, please reach out for a free consultation and we can discuss further options.

I am an out-of-network provider and offer superbills for self-billing.

Check your insurance company's website to see if self-billing is an option for you.


TUESDAYS via telehealth

WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS In-Person & telehealth

Contact for exact availability


4803 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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