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Alisa Popova, LMHCA, LMT, RYT

Therapeutic Philosophy

I see healing as a whole person endeavor. It's hard to deny the way in which our bodies, minds, emotions and spirit are interconnected.

I see people as already possessing, deep within, the wisdom and skills needed to thrive, and to live in harmony with themselves, others, and the world. This wisdom is often hidden from our conscious awareness, and buried beneath cultural conditioning, traumatic experiences, lack of access to information... you name it!

The magic of healing is in the present moment. It is in connection, and in relation. Wether it is in relation to another supportive being, your own self, or the earth.

We collaborate by arriving into the present moment together and unraveling the knots that disconnect you from yourself, from thriving, from ease, peace and joy.

Additionally, I also recognize that oppressive socio-economic systems in this material, physical realm have a palpable impact on us, and that these systems support some beings much more than others, and that for true global healing to occur we need more than the development of our personal power and inner harmony in one-on-one therapy - we as human beings require the support and development of community, and we need to work to dismantle unjust, oppressive systems.


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) # MC61453564, WA state

- Supervised by Laura Stone, LMHC # LH00004230

  • Licensed Massage Therapist, MA60519253, WA state

  • 200-HR Registered Yoga Teacher


  • Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (Bastyr University, Kenmore, WA)

  • 11th generation Traditional Usui Reiki Master (Level I, II, & III) (Northwest Healing Studio, Seattle WA)

  • Massage Therapy 800-hr Certificate (Cortiva Institute, Seattle)

  • 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training (Richmind Beach Yoga, Shoreline WA)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Dance (University of Washington, Seattle)

Other Trainings

  • TF-CBT Web 2.0 - an online trauma focused CBT course through the Medical University of South Carolina


Drawn to the deep mysteries of existence since early adolescence, I asked myself and I asked the Universe - why is there suffering?

This question has led me on many paths, all slowly interweaving over time. Dance, yoga, meditation, bodywork, energetic healing, Chinese martial arts, and, most recently, graduate studies in counseling psychology. The underlying impetus for it is the same - how can I be of service to humanity? How can I facilitate change and growth and self-discovery, and the lessening of suffering for others, and for myself?

As a mental health counselor I bring a whole person awareness to therapy. Mind, body, spirit, ancestral and cultural lineage, connection to the Earth and other living beings - anything and everything that makes up you - it is all welcome in my therapy office. I incorporate evidence based approaches, such as cognitive, somatic, and expressive arts therapies, amongst others, and weave them together intuitively, emphasizing mindfulness, compassion and self-empowerment. Learn more about how I work in psychotherapy.

I have been practicing licensed bodywork, and Reiki energy healing for almost a decade. I've been privileged enough to have learned from many wise and compassionate teachers, and from open-minded, inspiring clients. Learn more about my approach to massage therapy and Reiki.

A lifelong mover, I trained in rhythmic gymnastics as a kid in 90's Ukraine, then promptly fell in love with dance in the United States in the early 2000's, and I haven't stopped moving since. Dance for me is a way to self-express, to create art, and to metabolize emotions and stress. Nowadays I also regularly practice Qigong, Taiji and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. You've heard the old adage - movement is life. Well, I have to say... in my experience I've found this to be profoundly true. Even a little wiggle in your seat can go a long way!


Lastly, my personal meditation & yoga practice helps me stay grounded in my center within the chaos of the external world. It is by no means an easy practice to maintain, but so worth it.

Both in my personal life and in my work, I aim to balance seriousness and depth, with humor and playfulness.

And that's me in a nutshell!


Don't hesitate to reach out. Let's see how we can collaborate on your wellness journey.


it is not easy

healing yourself

building new habits

observing reality without projection or delusion

this is work that takes effort

but if you persist

the fruits of your labor will

have an immensely positive

impact on your life

yung pueblo

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