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Hello! Alisa here.

I'm excited to say that I am teaching yoga again.

A yoga practitioner of 13 years, I became a registered 200-hr yoga teacher in 2015 with a studio in Shoreline, WA which is sadly no longer in business. My main teacher was Dylan Knoebels, who had studied under Theresa Elliott, a certified Iyengar teacher.

Kindness, compassion and a sense of humor are at the root of everything I do and I am personally dedicated to the practice of the eight limbs of Yoga in my personal life.

In my Open Level class I strive to give options for every body and encourage folks to listen to their own flesh as well as my guiding words. Sometimes we flow and sometimes we take time to delve deeper into the subtleties of poses so we end up holding them longer. My classes are always rooted in safe and efficient anatomical alignment. I aim to strike a balance between the playful and the serious, both in life and on the mat: I am seriously dedicated to Yoga and self-realization, with lots of room for playfulness and joy.

In my classes you will primarily be led through Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breath work), sometimes weaving in gentle explorations of Yamas and Niyamas (ways in which you relate to the outside world, and to your inner self), and occasional meditation practice (Dhyana).

My main goal is to create a space for you to practice observing what arises, to hold yourself in kindness and compassion, and to stay curious in your exploration of the body, the mind, and their possibilities.

See you on the mat!





A one-on-one 60min lesson, tailored to your specific needs and goals. 

Reach out via email to discuss and schedule! 

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